23 July 2010

End of an Era: Kodachrome Comes to a Close

Kodak has ended production of it's iconic Kodachrome film (this Kodachrome). Follow the journey of the last manufactured roll from shooting to processing, via the title link.

17 November 2009

05 November 2009


Next Stop - Alto Alentejo in Portugal, Unsung but Not for Long - NYTimes.com

I was so close... but still felt the same spirit infusing the borderlands of the Algarve.

29 October 2009

Good Vacation

My Trip

Brief Highlights:
-"Homage to Catalonia" proved a good reading companion, even if I was in the wrong part of the peninsula...
-Jabugo, the home of the best jamon iberico. I swear, the Andalucians treat jamon like a spice.
-The Alhambra. Thank you Washington Irving for helping to promote awareness and allow us this grand legacy.
-Ronda and the birth of bull fighting
-Gibraltar and Mumtazz takeout
-Cadiz's winding, narrow streets, Casa Caracol, and the camera obscura
-Jerez, Tio Pepe, and some very nice manzanilla
-Wandering the lands of Tartessos, an Iberian Atlantis and lost, metal-rich culture
-Fresh grilled piles of fish in Faro
-Sintra's palace, twin of Neuschwanstein in terms of crazed royal romantic beauty
-Lisbon's Erasmus corner.

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